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Getting The Data to SharePoint

A company had 30 partners and they each needed a section of the Accounts Receivable sent to them as a report. 7 years ago, we used a web portal to interface with a BI module that came with the accounting package and a bunch of Excel code. Times have changed and with all of the partners working from home, we needed to create a more reliable system. The first step was dumping the module and pulling the data directly from the accounting tables. Then, using PowerShell, we pushed all of the files up to a SharePoint site that we set up. We even automated maintenance by creating a script that would delete all files that are over 60 days old. Originally, we were creating about 60 reports and posting them to the portal in about 1.5 to 2 hours. Now we are creating over 120 reports and posting them within about 20 minutes.

bruceGetting The Data to SharePoint

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