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About BGC

Bruce Greenberg has 40 years of technology consulting, accounting software consulting & database programming.


Bruce Greenberg has been helping companies optimize their operations through technology for 40 years. Applications and hardware platforms come and go, but the goal is still the same: Helping companies make smart decisions about their technology needs.


Since 1979 Bruce Greenberg has been building accounting based systems for many industries. Now, BGC is helping companies extend the life of their accounting systems by creating programs that can augment or integrate with those systems. Using Microsoft tools like MS Access, Excel, Power BI and MS-SQL, we can make more data available to the users.

Accounting Systems

Throughout the years, Bruce Greenberg has installed and supported a variety of small and large accounting systems. Often, the systems were augmented with his database programming to create customized systems and reports.

  • Excellent Customer Service! Not only was Bruce able to solve our technical challenges, but he was a pleasure to work with and he genuinely cared about our needs.

  • Not only does Bruce Greenberg have the technical information systems knowledge, but he also has the practical business knowledge as well as an accounting appreciation which is difficult to find in one person. He helped us develop information systems, and reporting which has been critical to our ability to manage our company and make sound business decisions.

  • We engaged Bruce Greenberg as our outsourced project manager for a large enterprise-wide general ledger conversion. Bruce managed the project timeline well and successfully coordinated the involvement of all third party vendors. Bruce’s expert understanding of accounting and technology produced for us a state-of-the-art system that will serve us well into the foreseeable future.

  • When I took the position as CFO, the company was much smaller than it is today.  Mr. Greenberg was an integral part of assisting me to develop the information systems of the company which were critical with enabling the company to advance from a small to a medium sized business.

  • Bruce Greenberg and I met 25 years ago as Irvine Chamber of Commerce Board Members.  When our service together ended, we continued our relationship personally and professionally.  Why?  Bruce is a smart, straight-shooter with high integrity who delivers on his commitments.  His strength is not only in his software knowledge, but in his ability to build relationships that count; he aims to become a trusted advisor and resource and he does--not a one-and-done operator.  When you make the choice to work with BGC and Bruce, you can count on his unwavering commitment to delivering the best solution for you and your business.  It is who he is.

Most Recent Case Studies

Sales Reports on the Big Screen

Every day, this company would pull data from QuickBooks Desktop into a spreadsheet, play with it, create PowerPoint slides (30 or more), convert those slides to picture files (JPG) and then load them onto a Roku box for display on TV screens in their office. There were charts and graphs and reports. This took one

Getting The Data to SharePoint

A company had 30 partners and they each needed a section of the Accounts Receivable sent to them as a report. 7 years ago, we used a web portal to interface with a BI module that came with the accounting package and a bunch of Excel code. Times have changed and with all of the

Employee Review Fix

We had a client that built a custom spreadsheet for doing employee reviews. There was a spreadsheet for each employee and they were all linked to a master spreadsheet. In year one, it worked fine. They had less than 100 employees at the time. In year 2, they had over 200 employees, the links were

Our Clients

We work close with our clients projects to provide a unique experience